About Us


The purpose of United Nuclear Scientific (United Nuclear Scientific Supplies, LLC) is to once again make scientific equipment & supplies available to everyone. Currently, both private and public schools (as well as other learning institutions) have removed chemicals & glassware from their chemistry labs and electronic components from their engineering classes... along with many other important pieces of "hands-on" learning equipment. In addition, laboratory equipment, chemicals & supplies which were once widely available, are now difficult to find or no longer for sale. 'Lab' classes that used to offer hands-on experience with actual materials now have students conduct experiments on computer or simply read text instead of actually coming into contact with the equipment & materials they are learning about. Most professors & teachers we have spoken with completely disagree with this concept. It is our intention make these and other interesting/scientific related items once again available to the hobbyist, teacher and home experimenter, as well as professional and Government organizations.

Company History

When founded in 1998, United Nuclear Scientific had only offered design & consulting services, spending most of its time designing, building & repairing radiation detection equipment for various national laboratories. We were also involved in producing precision 3D computer animations for several Government agencies and large corporations, as well as devoting a fair amount of time to designing & developing Hydrogen Fuel Systems and small jet & rocket engines.
In 2001, UN relocated from Nevada to New Mexico. Over the following years, UNS gradually expanded in both size and personnel. We eventually began to devote the bulk of its time and money into obtaining unique & hard-to-find scientific equipment & supplies for sale to learning institutions - as well as the general public. This remains our current focus, although UNS is still involved in a variety of other proprietary projects that we're obligated to keep under wraps. In 2009, United Nuclear Scientific moved to Laingsburg, Michigan. After about 10 years in Michigan, the company moved to (hopefully) its final location, Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Retail Location

Sorry, we do not currently operate a retail store location where you can come in browse. Although we're located in right in downtown Klamath Falls, our business is set up more like a warehouse than a 'come in and shop' storefront. However, if you have placed an order online or would like to call in a phone order and pick it up, you can do that at our Klamath Falls shop. You'll need to call ahead and make arrangements - verifying that we have the items you want in stock and give us an approximate time you would like to come by. We will do our best to accommodate you. Orders may be paid for online, or in person with a credit card or cash. We cannot make change so please bring the exact amount if you plan on paying with cash. Our storefront is only the shipping & packing portion of our business. Our R&D/manufacturing division is located in a different city.
Please note that for security purposes, we can not offer tours or permit entry into the facility.

We are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

Our address is:

United Nuclear
125 N. 8th st.
Klamath Falls, Oregon 48848